CV RAMAN COLLEGE is having adequate Sports and Games facilities to cater to the Physical development of the students. An indoor offers facilities for Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom and Shuttle Badminton. There are large outdoor playgrounds for sports like Cricket, Volley Ball, Throw Ball, Tennicoit etc. The Play Grounds for other sports like Tennis, Basket Ball, Foot Ball etc., will be established for the students to participate in the game of their choice. A full time Physical Director guides the students in various sports activities. The college conducts AAkriti (Annual Sports and Cultural Festival) every year and is fully organized by the Students under the guidance and supervision of Faculty, and provides them with an avenue to exhibit their inherent talents in the field of Music, Dance, Drama, Fine Arts etc.Good facility, recreation The College Magazine CVR CANS is brought out on this occasion and it enables the students to prove their talents in the literature field.

YOGA & MEDITATION Campus have been organized at the campus for the students which helps in keeping the sound health both physically and mentally. Well equipped Gymnasium hall helps the students in doing Physical exercises.
In total, the Institution has created a strong platform for the students to exhibit their inherent talents and thereby helping to shape their personality development.