I welcome you to the family of Dr. C.V Raman College of Administration and Network Sciences(CANS), which was established in the year 2004 for the promotion of education among all section of society. Without the constraints of space and time, CANS has established its quality and has reached the learning pupil of the society. As inscribed in its motto, Stepping into the knowledge pool!… CANS group has set itself an objective to reach the aspiring inspirits to help them to build this tomorrow. Through the ‘CANS’ the Programmes that are innovative and relevant are offered along with the academics for the all-round development of the students.

CANS group offers you exclusive disciplines in the field of Management and Technology like BBM, BCA and BSA. We are proud to announce that CANS family is the only of its kind to launch a special programme for the under graduation students the Bachelor of System Administration which includes the Hardware, Software and Networking fields together.

Accommodation and dissemination of information is an important task for us. Since we possess rich heritage knowledge and are reaching our boundaries of global knowledge, local knowledge and global information should join together and education should be the tool as well as the means for this kind of exploration. As a student of CANS, you can frame your life by joining and participating in all the activities and exercises of the family.

I extend you a hearty welcome to join the CANS family and wish you all the very best to frame your life.