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Dr C V Raman college of administration and network sciences will consider any request for cancellation of admission / withdrawal from studies if such request is made in accordance with the prescribed Regulations. The Regulations will include procedure for cancellation/withdrawal as well as the rules for refund.


This Regulation will form part of Admission Regulations of the college and lays down the procedure for cancellation of admission and for refund of fee paid. The Regulation is based on UGC Guidelines in this regard as contained in UGC (Institutions) Regulations, 2016.

  Any student admitted to any of the Courses offered by the University may apply for cancellation of his/her admission and/or for withdrawal from studies at any time during the academic year of admission or later.

Application form for Cancellation/Withdrawal must be made in the prescribed form duly signed by the student and the parent.

 Application for cancellation of admission/withdrawal may be made either by presenting an application in person by the student or his/her authorized representative.

Refund may be considered only in respect of Academic Course Fee. No refund shall be allowed in respect of Application Fee and Admission Registration Fee.

Dr.C.V.Raman College in view of its strict attendance Regulation does not normally admit any student to any course after the commencement of classes and hence the seats of canceled admission shall remain unfilled at all times thereafter.

 Admissions to all courses will close prior to the commencement of classes.

Student seeking cancellation of admission at least 15 days prior to the commencement of classes shall be eligible for refund of 100% of the Academic Course Fee subject to deduction of processing charges of 10% of the Course Fee or Rs.1000/- whichever is lower.

Student seeking cancellation of admission either up to 14 days prior to or after the commencement of classes (irrespective of whether the student attended any class or not) shall be permitted refund during the first 30 calendar days from such commencement and shall be in percentage as herein stated.

UGC Notification F. No. 1-3/2007(CPP-II) dated 06th December 2016 read with Notification of 6th December 2016.

   1. Original Fee Receipt.  2. Original Documents Acknowledgement.

**  Refund of Academic Course Fee with reference to commencement of classes (as per the announced dates) shall be as under:

Application upto 15 days Prior to 1 to 14 days Prior to Within 07 days after After 07 days and Within 30 days of Beyond 30 days of
Deduction Lower of  Rs.1000  OR  10% of  Course fee as processing charges Lower of  Rs.2000  OR  10% of  Course fee 20% of academic fee 50% of academic fee 100%
Refund 100% 90% 80% 50% 00%

Refund of Hostel Fee (after adjusting dues for days of actual stay) if any may be permitted subject to a minimum additional deduction of monthly rental fee for three months. However, no refund shall be made if the withdrawal is after 30 days of commencement of classes.

All refunds shall be only to the bank account of the student/parent as per the NEFT details furnished and shall be made within 15 working days from approval of the cancellation/withdrawal.

Reasons for cancellation of admission/withdrawal will never be a factor of consideration for determining the amount of refund through the Principal may at his discretion approve refund for higher amounts depending on circumstances leading to such cancellation/withdrawal.

 Any Court Proceeding relating to Refund of Fee irrespective of the domicile of the student shall be only in the City of Davangere.